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About company

DC Link Group is a multichannel distributor with its own production and service support. Since 2002, we have developed the most extensive partner network in Ukraine. Today, we are dealing with almost 4,000 enterprises. Since 2007, we have expanded our brand portfolio. Today, it includes 54 internationally renowned brands. And this amount is steadily growing. For 20 years, we have enriched our product range. Today, our offer consists of 20,000 SKUs from 1,000 manufacturers.

DC Link Group’s branches operate in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv, Zaporizhzhia, and Stryi. We got our warehouse complexes in four Ukrainian cities. The modern production-and-logistics center is situated in eastern Ukraine, in Kharkiv. And after the relocation in 2022, our main warehouse is in Kyiv now.

We represent the world’s leading brands in the Ukrainian market and supply our products to customers from all corners of the country. Our product range includes network equipment, computer components, PCs and laptops, household appliances, gadgets, and the versatility of other items. We distribute equipment, solutions, and technologies.

Our benefits

Multi-channel distributor of high-tech solutions, with own production and personalized service support
We succeed where others fail. We stimulate the development of our partners’ sales and protect our clients’ profits as we are confident that national leadership starts with regional expansion.
Due to our professional team, 360° promo schemes, and close communication with our partners, we convey the values of both a trademark and a product.
We have strong logistics capabilities, own production, IT and household appliance private labels, a service center, a unique B2S marketplace, online retail, and other sales channels. All these issues help us to solve a vast range of business tasks.
Our distribution is separated into divisions with their specific competencies. IT components, laptops, AiO, GSM, and household appliances - the company's product competence allows us to deal with the most complex cases.

Сompany history

2002DC Link foundation
2006B2B portal launch
2007The first contract with GOODRAM
2012-2015Establishment of branches in Zaporizhzhia, Lviv, Odesa, Kyiv
2016Construction of the automated logistics complex
2017Start of PC private label production - ExpertPC
2021Brand portfolio expansion to 50 brands; development of the household appliance division
2022Relocation to Kyiv and western Ukraine; brand portfolio expansion to 54 brands

Our resources

We produce the best computers and monoblocks in Ukraine under our private labels: ExpertPC, Cobra, and Prologix. Our equipment coincides with the demands of various target audiences— the public sector, private businesses, and gamers. Besides, Grifon - our new household appliance private label - confidently demonstrates high sales performance in Ukraine.
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A modern production-and-logistics center processes orders of any complexity in the shortest possible time ensuring fast delivery of any scale and operational convenience. All processes are automated.
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Link Service is a large service center that performs more than 4,000 repair works per month. The center has been serving customers since 2005. Its specialists provide warranty repairs of equipment from 60+ trademarks.
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We lead a socially responsible business, contributing to the development of the Ukrainian economy and providing significant support to people. We help socially disadvantaged children, provide Ukrainian schools with IT equipment, and constantly support the Ukrainian armed forces. These programs are among our most important social projects.
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