In 2020, we launched a new business incentive – a B2B wholesale marketplace.

This service aims to organize and increase our clients’ sales with the engagement of DC Link Group resources.

Each partner can place the products on the shelves of our warehouses, and then the company takes care of everything.

What are we doing for our marketplace customers:

We sell goods to our client base of 4,000+ buyers.
Storage and logistics.
We organize the delivery of goods directly from our warehouses.
Marketing and advertising promotion.
We offer products through all our sales channels using proven promo tools.
Financial risks.
We assume financial obligations even in the case of buyer insolvency.
Registering a personal account.
You can work comfortably and control all the processes.
Diagnostics of returned goods at our Service Center

On the supplier portal, it is easy to monitor the dynamics of sales and profits. You can find all the updated information concerning a product’s sales, stock, and reservations. Partners have 24/7 access to information from any corner of the world. Suppliers can independently make additional orders. All processes have been automated, together with the implementation of a convenient mutual settlement system.

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