Social responsibility

We lead a socially responsible business, both contributing to the development of the Ukrainian economy and providing significant support to people. We help socially disadvantaged children, provide IT equipment for Ukrainian schools, and constantly support the Ukrainian armed forces. These programs are among our most important social projects.


We understand the value of knowledge. For this reason, we launched our company’s educational platform, DC Link Group Academy. Due to this platform, we are the first to be aware of market novelties and their features.

We enjoy communication. Therefore, we are happy to gather our partners for the annual online conference, DC Link Partner, to discuss strategies and business prospects in the circle of market leaders.

Digital Inclusion

A social project for children from the Kharkiv boarding school. By launching this project, we wanted to present children with the vision of access to the digital world and a successful future model. We met, talked, and gave gifts to the children. Besides, we organized the FIFA 21 Local CHS Series cyber tournament for them. How successful are the IT guys? How does a computer work? What is a motherboard? How to become a famous cyber player? Where are PCs assembled in Ukraine? Our DC Link Group and ExpertPC teams were happy to discuss all these questions with the children.


A lot of our colleagues were mobilized for the war or went to the front as volunteers. So, support for the Ukrainian army is a matter of dignity, honor, and victory for us. From the first days of the war, we organized the constant support of our employees at the front and established cooperation with several charitable foundations and volunteers. We help our Armed Forces with equipment, money, and ammunition. We are grateful to all the vendors who support us in this field. We thank our team for lending a hand in each charitable activity we initiate.


Our company joined the school shelter project initiated by the Ukrainian Ministry of  Digital Transformation, providing equipment for the places of temporary protection at schools. We donated Mikrotik routers and organized support from our partner, Zyxel, to bring Wi-Fi to the educational institutions’ shelters. Our network equipment has already arrived in Kyiv and Pryluky schools.

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