The service center is a part of the DC Link Group. It provides both warranty and commercial repair work and corporate customer service.


repairs annually


spheres for repair and preventive work


partner companies throughout Ukraine

Our extensive regional Ukrainian network includes 100+ companies. The Link Service’s branches conduct their activity in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Our customized logistics and contact center provide rapid and efficient wholesale and retail customer service. Permanent clients obtain access to their personal accounts on our B2B portal, where they can also place repair orders.


Since 2004, Link Service has gained a reputation for reliable service and has become an authorized service center for 30 leading brands.

The service center cooperates with such brands as ASUS, Acer, Canon, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Dell, Philips, Huawei, Grifon, Prologics, Cecotec, TP Link, Mikrotik, Edimax, and with other well-known manufacturers.


More than 4,000 repairs per month, including:

Laptop repair
Computer monitor repair
Mobile phone repair
Electric vehicles repair
Printer repair
Network equipment repair
Acoustic systems repair
Power equipment repair
Small household appliances repair
Repair of computers

Regarding service issues:

+38 (099) 005 11 30
+38 (098) 202 79 39
+38 (057) 756 67 06

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