Reolink, new distribution brand of DC Link Group

Reolink, new distribution brand of DC Link Group

DC Link Group has expanded its distribution portfolio with the new Reolink brand. The company specializes in video surveillance camera production, supplying them to more than 200 countries worldwide. On the Ukrainian market, the brand Reolink is represented by home cameras, wireless video cameras, cameras that work from solar batteries and batteries, accessories, and video surveillance kits.

Reolink is a well-known worldwide technological brand that is easy to use – the ready-made solution includes a camera and cloud data storage. Cameras are easy to assemble and configure yourself. The videos are stored in the free cloud – thanks to the Reolink Cloud platform, the recordings are safe and available for viewing from anywhere in the world.

Significant advantages of Reolink are the ability to be powered by a battery or a solar battery, support for dual-band Wi-Fi and 4G (LTE), high image quality, night vision with illumination, recognition of people and cars in the frame, sending traffic notifications, and more.

This is a big chance for DC Link Group to provide its small business customers with quality video surveillance systems independent of power outages and affordable.

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