Prologix laptops are now on sale

Prologix laptops are now on sale

Sales of Prologix laptops have already started. These are universal productive PCs based on Intel processors. It offers the consumer the optimal modern configuration at the best price. Models of two brand lines are available for order: Prologix M15-710, a PC for basic tasks, and Prologix M15-720, a productive laptop for office and personal needs.

M15-720 notebooks have up to 32 GB RAM and a powerful battery. They are suitable for most modern applications and games. The Prologix M15-710 models are fanless, quiet, and lightweight. They are equipped with a full-size keyboard. There are configurations for each model, so it allows you to choose a device for any need.

All owners of Prologix laptops receive the ProService service – free delivery to the service center and back to you during the warranty period. And also, quick repair from 1 to 3 days*, because all the components are available in Ukraine!

You can choose a model by clicking the link –

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*No more than 3 days from the moment of determining the nature of the malfunction.

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