Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day

Today, when the world celebrates Safe Internet Day, we’d like to ask if your business is securely protected from virtual criminals? Is your business at risk of cyber-attacks and data theft? It is crucial to think about this, especially now, when private and state companies in Ukraine are protecting themselves from both physical threats and cybercrimes.

A security gateway is one of the most efficient solutions for protecting your network. It is suitable for both small and large businesses. Let’s talk about how it works on the example of the ZYXEL firewall:

– detects and prevents intrusions through a deep inspection of incoming traffic

– analyzes several web address parameters and provides detailed network protection

– protects against zero-day threats with machine intelligence sandboxing

– analyzes and blocks sites based on categories and reputation

– protects internal network users from cyber threats with application patrol

– blocks social sites and applications. networks, torrents, etc.

Most of these functions operate automatically and do not require additional configuration. ZYXEL security gateways provide comprehensive and multifunctional network protection using cloud services and AI.

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