The launch of the smartphone and tablet brand, Oscal, onto the Ukrainian market

Marketing goal:

To launch the Oscal brand onto the Ukrainian market as soon as possible and to develop brand awareness. To transform Oscal from a Chinese no-name product into a bright and understandable name on the Ukrainian market.


Marketing result:

According to the results of the first two months, Oscal obtained second place in terms of sales in our company in the category of rugged smartphones.

Now, the brand has a clear perspective to become a sales leader in the future. A month after the first shipment, the Oscal tablets have already appeared in the GFK reports. Two months later, they became #1 in the tablet category both by turnover and quantity sold.

About the client

Oscal was founded in 2018 being a brand of the Blackview ecosystem. Oscal is a high-technology brand based on performance, design, quality, and service. It has a highly experienced research and development team led by several technical experts with profound experience at international first-line companies. In 2021, OSCAL was awarded the title of the Most Potential High-Tech Brand. In 2022, the company has expanded the brand’s range of smart devices: multifunctional smartphones, rugged phones, tablets, and headphones of high quality at a very affordable price.


Project summary:

  • Subject: launch of the Oscal brand onto the market
  • Promotion region: Ukraine
  • Period: June 2022–December 2022
  • Budget: 15% of the profit

Starting point:

  • The package of web materials for content development from the manufacturer

Problem issues:

  • Poor brand recognition
  • Market overcrowding with Chinese analogs
  • The need to differentiate from competitors


The main goal of the brand strategy is to distinguish advertising communications among competitors. For this, the brand slogan - Only the Brave - was adapted to the current realities of Ukraine so that it resonated with everyone.
A single-brand site was created to strengthen the brand image and provide the most comprehensive information about Oscal products. On this full-fledged platform, you can find out the details and characteristics of the product, compare models, and place an order.
Rich content became an important tool that enriched our material information base. Today, rich content is indispensable for effective promotion and sales online.
We developed beautiful and bright materials for customers and sellers offline: the branded stands for smartphones will attract attention in the retail space and increase loyalty thanks to the color scheme.
Popular media and social networks were chosen as the main channels of communication with audiences. The technical media we are all familiar with have been abandoned in favor of fan and popular information.
At the same time, a series of posts and an advertising campaign on Instagram, which was designed to interact with the post, appeared on social networks. The campaign was also on Facebook. It reached almost 100,000 people.


It was a great experience! We are grateful to be able to implement such a comprehensive case in the shortest time possible.

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