Zyxel Introduces Industry's First Tri-Mode Hybrid Switch

Zyxel Introduces Industry's First Tri-Mode Hybrid Switch

L2 switches of the GS2220 series, which can be managed from the cloud, Web / CLI or SNMP, provide customers with the power and flexibility to work in new realities

Hsinchu, Taiwan, July 13, 2020 - Zyxel Networks, a leading provider of robust AI and cloud solutions for home and business users, has unveiled the new GS2220 series of hybrid Layer 2 switches. Their use will provide high performance network infrastructure for business and educational institutions. At the same time, simplicity and flexibility of use is due to the support of three management modes: from the Nebula cloud, using the Web interface \ CLI, or using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

The main advantage of the new switch with three modes of use is the support of management from the free Zyxel Nebula cloud, which allows the system administrator using one centralized interface to remotely and at any time manage and monitor its network. The Nebula solution is designed to meet the requirements of modern business: it significantly improves the efficiency of network equipment deployment, its configuration and configuration, as well as the ability to analyze the network state.

All GS2220 Series switches come with a free one year Nebula Pro license, which provides additional network management and monitoring capabilities over the base Nebula. This gives their customers ample time to fully appreciate the benefits of remote, centralized management from the cloud in the Pro version, and fully prepare for the future cloud migration as needed.

If for some reason the system administrator does not use management from the cloud, then he can use local Web / CLI management, which provides granular control of all settings and all access to read / write parameters. Or SNMP management, which uses a Management Information Base (MIB) with information about all the components of the network, making it easy to manage multi-vendor devices deployed on the network.

Stable and quiet operation, compact body

The demand for L2 switches is constantly growing as converged networks are deployed, which carry not only data, but also voice, video, e-commerce traffic and other applications. Layer 2 switches must be very stable to effectively serve converged networks, so Zyxel has made hardware and software enhancements to the GS2220 that improve the resiliency of the device. These switches also double the maximum allowable ESD value and quadruple the maximum allowable voltage surge to improve reliability.

In addition, the new switches do not have a fan, or they use a fan with intelligent control, so they work almost silently and can be placed directly in the office next to the workstations of employees. Finally, compared to other PoE switches, the GS2220 Series has a smaller chassis and as a result takes up less space in a server rack or desktop.

Flexibility on all ports

The GS2220 series switches are not only easy to manage, but also flexible in port usage. The older models in the series are equipped with 44 Gigabit RJ45 ports and combined Gigabit copper / fiber ports or two SFP ports. The lighter port density series models are designed to implement advanced Layer 2 management functions at the network access layer.