Cobra monoblocks are on sale

Cobra monoblocks are on sale

A computer in which a system unit and a monitor are combined in one case was presented on the Ukrainian IT market by DC Link Group. The company manufactures Cobra monoblocks in its own factory, carefully controlling the quality of every detail. Now all-in-ones are available to order on the customer portal and in retail chains.

— All over the world, the share of candy bars in the total PC market is growing steadily, taking away the share of sales in PCs of more common form factors, - says project manager Vitaly Vyushinsky. - The Ukrainian computer market is not quite typical in terms of global trends, primarily due to the renewal of computer fleets of enterprises and households (7-10 years against the standard 3-5 years). But, apparently, in the near future the delayed demand among both private users and corporate customers will make itself felt, and the situation will begin to normalize. And we will be ready for that. Our many years of experience in assembling PCs and the quality of components gives a clear advantage of our product - Cobra monoblocks - on the market.

If monoblocks, then Cobra! - think in the company and here's why:

— Cobra monoblocks provide flexibility in the choice of configurations. Since DC Link Group is a large distributor, we do not limit our customers to just the basic configuration and can custom-make any variation of the monoblock from a wide selection of components.
— Assembly and further shipment takes a few hours. True pros at the DC Link Group PC factory can quickly and efficiently assemble from small batches to large-scale orders in a short time.
— Warranty 40 months. And if necessary (tenders, projects), this period can be increased.
— Price. Our company imports all components for the assembly of Cobra monoblocks, which means that the final price is 10-15% lower than that which world manufacturers offer for a similar product.