Benefits of Windows 10 for corporate customers

Benefits of Windows 10 for corporate customers

Microsoft Volume Licensing gives organizations flexible access to the latest Windows PC technologies. Windows 10 is justifiably considered the most secure operating system today. This is especially true for businesses. Devices with this OS receive updates through Windows Update services for the entire duration of support, completely free of charge.

Windows 10 delivers a high level of user experience and support for enterprise-class features that IT departments demand. The following advantages of the Windows 10 operating system can be distinguished:

Safety. During the boot phase of your computer, Secure Boot and Trusted Boot protect Windows 10 from sophisticated malware. Windows Hello lets you use biometrics along with your PIN. There is a solution to prevent leaks that separates personal and work data of the user, keeps the data encrypted, controls and / or prevents attempts to accidentally or knowingly transfer files. Enterprise Credential Guard protects Windows authentication and user credentials.

Management. The Windows 10 operating system is in the process of constant and continuous development, allowing users to always have an up-to-date version of the OS at no additional cost. Windows also periodically receives functional updates that add new features. Azure Active Directory accounts sync with Active Directory.

Performance. This operating system is easier to handle with application windows, virtual desktops, and multiple monitors. The new Message Center has opened access to viewing messages and quickly switching settings. Windows 10 has a new built-in Microsoft Edge browser.

Apps and devices. The new Windows supports classic programs and universal apps. Users have access to the Windows Store, which is a source of convenient and secure receipt of applications. Enterprise customers have complete control over the purchase and distribution of apps using the Windows Store for Business.

Along with the listed features of the Windows 10 operating system, customers receive ongoing support. The resources provided improve planning, deployment, and administration of operating systems. This includes 24/7 patch support and end-user and IT training