Officially: three Plextor M9P Plus SSDs available

Officially: three Plextor M9P Plus SSDs available

Officially presented by the company Plextor - solid-state (SSD) drives of the M9P Plus family. They are made using 96-layer Kioxia 3D TLC NAND flash microchips (three bits of information in one cell). The Marvell 88SS1092 controller and PlexNitro cache technology are involved, thanks to which an increase in performance is provided.

Three versions of the Plextor M9P Plus debuted at once - these are the M9PGN Plus and M9PG Plus modules in the M.2 2280 format, as well as the M9PY Plus expansion card. The first type of drives do not have a cooling radiator, but it is present in devices of two other series.

You can choose among the new products according to the capacity options - 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB. The speed of sequential data reading for all devices reaches 3400 MB / s. The sequential write speed of the younger version is up to 1700 MB / s, the other two - up to 2200 MB / s.

Features of the younger model: up to 300 thousand I / O operations per second (IOPS value) when reading and writing. Other device options show IOPS of up to 340 thousand when reading and up to 320 thousand when writing.

Claimed mean time between failures - 1.5 million hours. The manufacturer gives a five-year warranty on their products.