Waiting 2020: Apple's 5 New iPhone

Waiting 2020: Apple's 5 New iPhone

Guo Minghao, a well-known Apple product analyst, said that Apple should expect 5 new iPhones this year. These devices will have integrated 5G NR RF modules in the millimeter range and less than 6 GHz. Customers are expected to see a 4.7-inch LCD model, a 5.4-inch, a 6.1-inch (with a rear dual camera), a 6.1-inch (with a rear triple camera) and a 6.7-inch version .

Thanks to millimeter waves, a high data transfer rate will be provided, while the range up to 6 GHz will provide more stable cellular communications and wider coverage. Apple will use both the standard Sub-6 GHz and Sub-6 GHz + bands in its 5G mode with millimeter band support. It will be possible to become the owner of a smartphone with 5G support at the end of III or at the beginning of IV quarter of 2020.

As support for Sub-6 GHz and mmWave communication technologies is added, Guo Minghao expects that the supply of new iPhones in 2020 will reach 80–85 million devices. This is more than the devices for the iPhone 11 series in 2019 (75 million were shipped). However, the appearance of a new modem and case is likely to entail an increase in the cost of models with 5G support by $ 140.

According to another analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, information about the 4 new iPhone models will be confirmed. Also, according to his data, we should expect the release of the budget iPhone SE 2. In addition, next year Apple may introduce a smartphone completely devoid of any connectors.