Eye-catching! The unusual case of Jonsbo MOD3 Pink

Eye-catching! The unusual case of Jonsbo MOD3 Pink

Announced a novelty from the company Jonsbo - the original computer case MOD3 Pink, designed to create a desktop system that attracts attention at a glance.

The novelty has a catchy aggressive design and an unusual color scheme. As the name implies, a pink color scheme is selected for the case.

The construction used aluminum and tempered glass. You can install motherboards in sizes XL-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX.

The internal volume allows you to place up to seven expansion cards. Discrete graphics accelerators can be selected up to 400 mm in length. There is a restriction on the height of the processor cooler - 170 mm.

The housing allows you to install one storage device size 3.5 / 2.5 inches and two more drives in 2.5 inch format.

If necessary, the use of liquid cooling is possible: installation of radiators up to 360 mm in size is allowed.

The overall dimensions of the unusual case are 232 × 647 × 620 mm and weighs 8 kg. On the side panel are jacks for headphones and a microphone. In addition, there are two USB 3.0 ports.

The cost of the case with the original appearance of the Jonsbo MOD3 Pink, unfortunately, is currently unknown.