New from WPPI Expo 2020: Canon's EOS R5 8K mirrorless Camera

New from WPPI Expo 2020: Canon's EOS R5 8K mirrorless Camera

The other day, the new Canon EOS R5 camera could be seen at the stand of a Japanese company at the WPPI Expo 2020 in Las Vegas. There is no detailed description of the news, but something is still known about it:

- Fresh full-frame CMOS sensor (presumably, with a resolution in the region of 40 megapixels);

- image stabilization built into the case;

- continuous shooting with a frequency of 20 frames / s (with electronic shutter);

- continuous shooting 12 frames / s (with a mechanical shutter);

- video capture in 8K resolution;

- 2 slots for memory cards.

Judging by the appearance of the device, the deep-set handle almost certainly has a customizable function button next to the lens mount. Immediately behind the EOS R5 Development Announcement label, there is another port cover that can hide a remote release connector or a wireless transmitter.

On the side of the camera is a lid, behind which memory cards are hidden. It is known that the camera has two slots for reliable shooting. Support for 8K video capture means that the slots are fast, even with an efficient stream compression algorithm. Most likely, there will be one SD slot and one CFExpress slot, or, which is also possible, just two UHS-II SD card slots.

Judging by the upper right corner of the camera, the location of the controls is the same as that of the existing EOS R. On the opposite side of the camera is an on and off switch, similar in size to that used in EOS R and RP, as well as a flash connector.

Unlike the EOS R touchpad, the novelty has a traditional autofocus joystick and a more convenient AF-ON button on the back. Directly below it is a special “zoom in” button for checking focus, as well as Info and Q, to bring up a quick on-screen menu. Below it is a control wheel around the Set button. The screen resembles the R and RP models, but next to the Menu button in the upper left corner is a special Rate button with a microphone icon. Perhaps R5 will allow you to attach audio recordings to photos using this control.

Judging by the photo, users will also be able to use ports for a microphone and headphones, a port for a remote control, a USB port (most likely USB-C), and an HDMI output. In general, we look forward to the official announcement with more detailed characteristics and description.