Sony's new TVs: 4K and 8K resolution and Smart TV support

Sony's new TVs: 4K and 8K resolution and Smart TV support

Yesterday, China hosted the presentation of a new family of premium TVs with Smart TV support from Sony. In total, 5 models were presented: Z8H, A8H, X9000H, X9500H and X8000H. They differ in diagonal and are aimed at different audiences.

The most advanced model of the presented - Z8H. It is an 8K TV on the LED panel. Buyers will be available versions with a diagonal of 75 inches (priced at $ 7060) and 85 inches ($ 11,295). The model will go on sale on April 26, but now it can be pre-ordered and received as a gift Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones with noise reduction function.

The second model - A8H - is the only one presented with a TV with an OLED matrix with a resolution of 4K. The remaining new items received the usual LED-panels with the same resolution. According to other characteristics, TVs have rather similar functionality. All models have support for the functions TRILUMOS, X-Reality Pro and X-Motion Clarity, whose task is to improve the final image. In addition, TVs have full support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Digital Panorama Sound.

Regarding the image processing hardware, the Z8H, A8H and X9500H are responsible for the Sony X1 Ultimate chip, while the X9000H and X8000H have the simpler Sony X1. Device management is provided by Android 9.0 Pie with Sony's proprietary shell installed on top.

According to customer orientation, the models can be distributed as follows: Z8H is designed to create the highest quality home cinema, A8H is for those who care about their eyesight, X8000H is for gamers, as it has a high refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, and X9500H is for sports fans.