New warehouse capacities

New warehouse capacities

DC Link Group completed the modernization of the warehouse complex. A new warehouse for large household appliances was built on the territory of the company and the reconstruction of an existing warehouse for large household appliances was completed.

“Our number of contracts is constantly increasing, we are getting new distributions, the volume of goods is growing. Therefore, an increase in storage capacity is a logical step in the direction of the company's development. After all, our immediate goal is to become the largest hub in the East of Ukraine, and we are consistently moving towards it. This is what we, our clients and vendors, who are interested in working with such a distributor as DC Link Group, need, ”says CEO Alexei Berletov.

Also, the company's logistics system implements several solutions that increase the speed and quality of delivery to the company's customers. This includes work in branches, an increase in the pool of carriers, and a new approach to the geographical coverage of applications.

“Now we are improving those processes that already exist and are building new ones,” says Ivan Pilipenko, Logistics Director of DC Link Group, “because we plan our work in such a way as to be ready to adapt to any changes in the market. The logistics in the company must be flexible, because the world and the market are changing very quickly."