Zyxel's New Firewall Series Helps Small and Medium-sized Businesses Work After Pandemic Ends

Zyxel's New Firewall Series Helps Small and Medium-sized Businesses Work After Pandemic Ends

The new USG FLEX Zyxel firewalls provide strong protection for corporate networks and provide remote access to employees. They work faster, they have more features and a flexible licensing system.

Hsinchu, Taiwan, June 1, 2020 - Today, because of the pandemic, work from home has become the norm, so many companies have problems with ensuring the safety of communication with their employees, who switched to a remote site. Zyxel Networks, a leading provider of robust AI and cloud solutions for business and home, today unveiled a new series of USG FLEX mid-range firewalls that help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) communicate securely with their remote staff now and after the pandemic.

The new Zyxel USG FLEX100 / 200/500 firewalls use more powerful hardware and advanced software. Compared to the previous Zyxel USG series, firewall performance has increased up to 125% and Unified Threat Management UTM performance up to 500%. In addition to an enhanced scalable network information security system, the new firewalls provide remote VPN access, management of wireless access points and all the functionality of managing hot spots, which allows you to use them as a universal network solution.

Protection of a local network based on global information on cyberthreats

USG FLEX series firewalls support the Zyxel Cloud Query service, based on a constantly upd ated cloud threat database, which collects information from numerous sources. This database stores malware samples received from leading independent research laboratories and information about threats detected by Zyxel firewalls installed around the world. This allows you to effectively defend against zero-day attacks. The Cloud Query algorithm uses artificial intelligence that classifies threats and determines the risk level of each of them so that the company can identify the most dangerous of them and quickly take the necessary protective measures.

Work in new conditions

USG FLEX firewalls enhance home-based productivity by providing flexible and secure VPN connections to your corporate network. Including VPN based on IPsec, SSL and L2TP over IPsec. Fully automatic configuration of the connection configuration Zero-configuration significantly reduces the load on the IT department of the company and allows the employee to quickly quickly se t up work from home. The wireless access point controller integrated in the firewall allows you to control your WiFi network without purchasing an additional controller.

Flexible licensing option helps SMB to survive a difficult time

Customers who want to upgrade their USG equipment to USG FLEX can use their existing licenses instead of buying new ones. You can either separately purchase licenses for activating security services (content filter, antivirus or analytics and reporting service Zyxel SecuReporter Premium) or purchase the entire package of licenses for security services UTM security license bundle. A specialized package of services for the hospitality industry is also offered.

“To continue the business in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies vitally need to ensure that their employees working remotely, along with the security of their corporate network,” said Nathan Yen, Vice President (AVP) Zyxel and Head of Zyxel Gateway Business Unit. “The USG FLEX series of firewalls is a safe, flexible and easy-to-use solution that is ideal for customers in the SMB sector.”

Zyxel's comprehensive portfolio of information security solutions provides any company, regardless of size, with the flexibility, power and productivity to optimally protect its business from ever-changing cyber threats.