Gigabyte's “Content Creators” Memory Modules - Designare Memory

Gigabyte's “Content Creators” Memory Modules - Designare Memory

Last year in the consumer segment of the computer market was remembered by a new trend: many manufacturers presented products for “content creators”, that is, for representatives of creative professions. For this purpose, Gigabyte updated the Designare brand, which was previously known only for motherboards, but now the first memory models have appeared in it.

The first and so far the only one in the Designare Memory series is a set of two dual-rank 32-GB DDR4 memory modules (total 64 GB). The large volume of one module is fully justified in the case of kits that are focused on productive working systems, as professional tasks often require quite large amounts of memory.

The characteristics of the presented Designare Memory modules are an effective clock frequency of 3200 MHz and relatively low delays in the CL16-18-18-38. The operating voltage is 1.35 V. There is support for XMP profiles for easy overclocking. According to Gigabyte, the new kit is fully compatible with motherboards based on AMD B450, X570 and TRX40 chipsets, as well as Intel Z390 and X299. However, it is worth clarifying that in the case of the first two AMD platforms, full compatibility is guaranteed only for Ryzen 3000 processors (Matisse).

The design presented memory of the Designare series is different from the “gaming” memory modules of the Aorus series with an abundance of colorful lighting. New items are made in a restrained style with a conventional aluminum radiator in white and without any backlight. The height of the modules is 32 mm.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the cost of a set of 64 GB Gigabyte Designare Memory DDR4-3200 RAM modules is unknown, as well as the start date of sales.