Where the wires don't reach: Zyxel's new outdoor multi-band LTE router

Where the wires don't reach: Zyxel's new outdoor multi-band LTE router

With the Zyxel LTE7480 LTE router, businesses and individuals alike gain the ability to work and play remotely in areas with cellular coverage but no cable infrastructure

Because of the pandemic, many global companies have moved a significant portion of their workforce to work fr om home, so they need solutions that use cutting-edge technology to keep their remote workers productive. One of the main challenges that companies face is establishing a reliable and high-speed connection to the corporate network for employees working from home, but it is very difficult to solve if the employee lives in an area wh ere there is no reliable cable Internet infrastructure.

Providing broadband access over a cellular network, the new Zyxel router can be easily deployed and integrated into any existing network infrastructure. It can be used as the main communication channel or as a backup in case of a drop in the capacity of the main broadband channel to eliminate the risks of losing access to the network, which, given the transfer of most of the personnel in many companies to remote operation, should be minimized.

Features and Benefits

● High Speed ​​Internet Connection: The LTE7480 uses the LTE Category 12 standard, which delivers up to 600 Mbps downstream traffic through four spatial streams with two subcarriers.

● High Gain Antennas: The LTE7480 is equipped with 4x4 MIMO transmitter antennas with up to 8 dBi increased signal gain. The LTE7480's special outdoor enclosure design improves coverage and bandwidth even when operating close to the line of sight of a cellular base station.

● Easy Deployment: The LTE7480 supports both bridging and router mode, which provides the flexibility to deploy this device; 802.3af / at PoE support eliminates the need for a separate power supply; The IP68 enclosure allows the router to be outdoors even in extreme conditions.

● Remote management: All remote management operations are performed using an easy-to-use web-based interface, from setting configuration parameters, monitoring network status and updating firmware, to managing the firewall.

● Continuous connection: LTE cellular network can be used as an alternate WAN link without connecting to a second fixed line operator for multi-WAN fail-over backup of the main WAN link. If a gateway that supports multiple WAN interfaces is installed on the network (for example, a gateway from the Zyxel USG series), then in order to reserve the WAN connection, you just need to connect the Zyxel LTE7480-M804 to it and configure the trunk.