Electronic ESD keys: features and benefits

Electronic ESD keys: features and benefits

ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) is a method of delivering software by e-mail that has gained wide popularity among buyers. After ordering, a key and a link to the product distribution kit are sent to the email address.
The ESD license provides a full range of software uses. ESD software is original because the activation code is generated uniquely for each client.
If you buy Windows ESD, you are getting a completely legal product. It is a secure solution at a lower cost due to the way of distribution - you do not need a supplier, box, packaging, special shipping and storage.
ESD-licensed Windows is a good solution when no physical media is needed and speed is important. When you buy a license in the ESD version and pay online, the order is processed instantly, which means that soon after the purchase you can start installing the system.
Advantages of ESD electronic keys:
1. Availability of licenses 24/7.
2. Safe delivery of the electronic key.
3. Always up-to-date version of the software product.
4. New software versions are available immediately on the day they are released, no need to wait for delivery or pre-order the product.
5. Same functionality, licensing rights and product features as boxed versions (FPP).
6. The purchased and preinstalled software can be transferred to a new PC.
7. Lack of physical media The software is downloaded via an electronic link.
Electronic Software Delivery is the new standard for safe and fast software purchases.