DDPai: new distribution in the DCLink Group portfolio

DDPai: new distribution in the DCLink Group portfolio

Our company has signed a distribution agreement with DDPai. The car DVR brand has been around since 2013, when the company was founded by the HUAWEI Technologies engineering and development team. DDPai stands out for its quality and innovative technology.

The brand's products are known around the world for premium optics, supplemented by artificial intelligence, thanks to which the user receives high-quality video with adjustments day and night. Directly in the process of shooting, DDPai DVRs send video to social networks or the cloud using "Intelligent Wi-Fi 5".

The top models have the option to monitor every trip with two cameras in Full HD, an intelligent IPS system and the ability to instantly capture one click. Also, some DDPai models use their own memory, which does not require an additional memory card.

High-quality DVRs of the brand are already on sale. DC Link Group offers most of the popular models from DDPai and comes with a 12-month warranty.