Black Online Friday

Black Online Friday

The season of high sales, which traditionally starts in the fall of the leaves, which will show the numbers, albeit online, is predicted by DC Link Group. He has all the chances to win for the mind of a total lockdown. According to the estimates of the company's analysts, the growth of E-commerce is to turn over the indicators of past rockets. If you want to have a complete picture of sales, it’s abundant in what lies in the situation of quarantine and troubles in suspensions.

- Call people to check on Chornu on Friday, read the books, monitor comrades, as they want to go. And from our side, together with partners, there is also a planned season, activities, and promotions for our customers, ”said Sergiy Maftey, Sales Director of DC Link Group. - I am guessing, that the biggest drink of koristuvatimutsya pobutov technics, sozhivcha elektronika - those who are in the rock in the first row in the first rows of the mail list of Ukrainian survivors.

Chorna p'yatnytsya has long ceased to be deprived of one day, but in 2020, the period has become record-breaking for everyone. Amazon has already bared the ear of the season, and retailers are also about to start - both great giants and other gravities. With such a rank, the average distribution of people is planned to be unique, and not to waste in sales.

-For our friends, the understanding of Black Friday is obviously new, put to the last three minutes at the Sunset, - even Natalya Butenko, a quote from DC Link Group marketing. - Protest for us the whole period is also a suttuviy, the surrounding of that wine means the start of the Christmas sale season. Surely, the mood and the level of depression in the suspension will pour on us. Ale, I am encouraged to take care of the tradition, and to help us with online tools to help us build up the process smoothly.