White cooler with backlight Deepcool Gammaxx GTE V2 White

White cooler with backlight Deepcool Gammaxx GTE V2 White

The Deepcool range has expanded thanks to another processor cooling system - the Gammaxx GTE V2 White model, which belongs to the classic tower type.

The design of the new product is completely white: the frame, the nine-blade fan wheel and the radiator cover are made in this color. In addition, a white LED backlight is provided.

The radiator is about 50 mm thick. Four copper 6 mm heat pipes pass through its design, which have direct contact with the processor lid. The pressure plate serves as a small auxiliary radiator.

The rotation of a 120 mm fan with a thickness of 25 mm varies from 500 to 1650 rpm (± 10%) and can be adjusted. The formed air flow is characterized by a volume of up to 110 cubic meters per hour, while the noise level does not exceed 27.8 dBA.

The overall overall dimensions of the cooler are 129 × 77 × 157.5 mm and weight is 650 g. The manufacturer claims compatibility with AMD AM4 / AM3 + / AM3 / AM2 + / AM2 / FM2 + / FM2 / FM1 and Intel LGA1151 / 1150/1155/1366 chips .

When sales of the Gammaxx GTE V2 White model start and at what price is currently unknown.