History of success

History of success

The history of DC Link began in 2002 in Kharkiv - with a group of enthusiasts who assembled and sold their own computers. Although it all started on a small scale, already at that time there was a direction of work and principles that have survived to this day: a focus on B2B and high professionalism. Along with the creation of their own computers, resellers were also actively developing. For several years, DC Link has taken a strong position in the local market as an IT dealer and PC manufacturer.

The growth of technologies in the world, the development of the Ukrainian IT market, new customers and successful business solutions have made DC Link one of the leaders in the region, forcing it to expand its own ambitions and horizons of its goals. In 2006, DC Link launched a unique portal for B2B customers, which gives a serious impetus to development. And the real turning point was the first official distribution of the Polish brand GOODRAM, which began a new era in the life of the company.

Having successfully fulfilled the first European contract, DC Link began to replenish its brand portfolio every year and rapidly increase the number of customers. Now it is a group of companies DC Link Group, which works with the most famous vendors in the world and works with 3,000 customers in Ukraine.

The companies have allowed close partnerships and flexible solutions to go through the global and Ukrainian crises only by strengthening and intensifying. With no start-up capital, no connections, just a love of IT and a passion for work, this is a typical self-made story of a company that has grown from a small office to one of the largest IT distributors in Ukraine.

history of success